Why Us

There are many reasons why Glorious Motor Cars is the perfect solution for you. Since we know auto dealers don’t have the greatest reputation and we hear the horror stories from people who love their new car but hate what they had to go through to get it. We decided to turn our hobby into a business that can provide a one-on-one experience.

At Glorious Motor Cars, as your personal concierge, we are on your side. Our integrity is most important to us. Our allegiance is to you, not the car dealer or the auctioneer trying to maximize revenues. We have earned the trust of the growing group of Glorious car buyers and we hope to earn your trust too.

By using a concierge, you have maximum convenience. There’s no reason to leave your office, or your home, to tell us about your next car. We can communicate by telephone, by email or in-person, if you prefer. You also have absolute confidentiality, something particularly important for women in business who don’t want their financials shared with an administrative assistant.

Our integrity is most important to us. Our allegiance is to you . . .

Perhaps the most obvious reason Glorious Motor Cars is perfect for you: saving time and saving money. Whether your day is filled with executive business meetings or your calendar is jammed with chauffeuring kids to dance lessons and soccer games, no need to add car-buying torture to your agenda.

You also may be glad to hear that Glorious Motor Cars also is passionate about helping women in the community. A portion of each sale made by Glorious Motor Cars will be given to one of our favorite nonprofit organizations, Laura’s House. This Orange County, CA organization is dedicated to changing social beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence, while creating a safe space for individuals and families affected by abuse.

Why Us at Glorious Motor Cars