About Gloria

Gloria Hale loves cars, pure and simple. Her love affair with the automobile began as a youngster in Detroit when she tagged along after her father who worked for Ford Motor Company. In her earliest years, Gloria was, of course, a Ford fan, but later her love spread to all makes and models, from sedans to sports cars to trucks. Years later, after moving to California, where she and her husband founded and operated a large and successful glass company, Gloria began buying fleet vehicles for the business, both cars and trucks. She admits it was painful at first, as she was treated badly by dealers. Yet, years later, that’s what inspired her to create Glorious Motor Cars. She also learned to uncover the best deals at car auctions and soon, when her friends discovered her knack, she extended her car-buying services to them. At that point, it was simply an enjoyable hobby, sharing her love of cars with her friends. She recognized that many, if not most, women intensely disliked the car-buying experience. And it’s no wonder: less than 5 percent of auto dealers in the U.S. are owned by women, making Gloria one of a rare breed indeed!

Gloria realized from the start that she loved what others hated.

In 2018, Gloria began operating as Glorious Motor Cars, concierge for auto sales and leasing. Still passionate about everything automotive, Gloria is likely to tell you, “Allow us to create a glorious car-buying experience for you.” And she will!

Moving from hobby to full-fledged operation meant becoming a California licensed and bonded automobile dealer, permitting her to buy or lease cars from any dealer. Gloria realized from the start that she loved what others hated. They lacked the time, inclination and/or expertise to haggle over an automobile. While men are welcome to use Gloria’s service, and they do, her best customers are busy executive women, widows and divorcees suddenly in the driver’s seat of car-buying decisions and hectic soccer moms.