We promise to answer all your questions – but first, take a peek at the list below. We may have already answered your question. If not, give us a call!

What if I don’t know what kind of car I want, can you help me with that?2018-05-01T18:32:16+00:00

Choosing your next car can be a difficult decision with so many options to choose from! Our process is quicker when you know what you want, but even if you are still weighing your options, we can help you discover what type of car and what make of car will be right for your lifestyle and your budget.

How long does the process take?2018-05-22T20:29:36+00:00

This will vary, depending on the availability of the car you want. Sometimes, our searches start and end the same day and your car is delivered in 48 hours. But when you are looking for a very specific vehicle, such as exact exterior and interior colors, or specific features, our search can take longer. When we search for a pre-owned vehicle, the timeframe usually is longer—your flexibility on features will speed up the process.

What does your service cost?2018-06-01T05:20:53+00:00

We provide our professional services for a flat fee based on the value of the vehicle. This fee is quoted in advance. To begin our search we charge a small retainer that is applied towards the transaction price.

Can you advise me on which cars have better safety records?2018-05-01T21:32:22+00:00

Yes, we have access to information that can help guide your purchase, whether you are looking for safety records or resale value.

How are you different from other services that buy cars for consumers?2018-06-01T15:58:03+00:00

Most car-buying services are not really on your side. We truly are independent. We represent you, not the dealer. We have credentials to obtain your car from any dealer or any car auction.

I’ve always hated the “upselling” by the dealer AFTER I agree to buy the car. Can I avoid this?2018-05-22T20:32:34+00:00

You aren’t alone! The dealer’s buying process after you find the car you want is annoying to most people. We handle all of that for you and can help you determine which add-on truly offers value, not just bump up the purchase price.