New Car Buying

Here’s how we work to buy or lease your new car:

It is important for you to basically know the kind of car you want. We are not a car dealership, with hundreds of cars to look at and test drive. You will need to do a little homework first to narrow your choices. Ideally you will know the make, the model and the color desired. And even if you’re not yet set on a specific car, we can help you sort through the type of car best-suited for your lifestyle and budget. We are a California licensed and bonded auto dealer that can acquire, at a good price, any car you want. We consider this a triple win:

  1. The person buying or leasing the car saves big time – both time and money, plus the agonizing frustration is averted. No more marathon sessions in the dealer’s finance department even after you’d agreed to buy!
  2. The auto dealer considers Glorious Motor Cars an outside salesforce – we earn commissions on cars we sell, yet we don’t drain their resources, like desk space, phones or coffee.
  3. Glorious Motor Cars gets to do what we love best: buying and leasing automobiles (we love haggling!).
Previously Owned Cars
New car Buying Process